From experiencing emotional fan moments to racing through the entire hall thirteen thousand times just to capture that one perfect photo, with me, you'll find someone who pays meticulous attention to detail, can sing along to at least half of your songs (if not all), and typically wears a smile on his lips.


I excel at capturing the essence of your festival. From artist shots and the overall atmosphere to behind-the-scenes moments and Aftershow Partys. With me, you'll receive a comprehensive, worry-free package to enhance your social media presence!


As a skilled portrait photographer, I'm eager to create the ideal setting for you. Whether it's a sophisticated studio session or a quick backstage shoot lasting just five minutes, rest assured, you'll always look your best.


Whether on tour, amidst music video shoots, or in studio sessions, I'll be there to accompany you, capturing your daily life without intruding. (I've been told that I quickly fade into the background in a positive manner.)