Saltatio Mortis, Konzertfotografie Bochum

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Not looking for a permanent entourage but occasional companionship instead? Then this is exactly what you need!

I have expertise in crafting your social media content with a unique aesthetic. Whether it's capturing moments on stage or providing behind-the-scenes glimpses, I'll be by your side with my camera as long as you want.

Enter Shikari - Konzertfotografie
Brian Burkheiser, IPrevail, Konzertfotograf Deutschland
Yaenniver, Konzertfotografin, Female Concertphotographer


Fine produce, freshly prepared

  • BTS photos and video for your social media platforms
  • Concert coverage in both photo and video format
  • Band photoshoot available anytime
IPrevail, Oberhausen, Concertphotography, Konzertfotograf Deutschland

Photo Package:

  • Behind-the-scenes (BTS) photos showcasing your day on tour
  • Concert coverage capturing your performances
  • Quick Band Portrait before Show
Alligatoah, Dortmund, Concertphotography - Konzertfotografie

Video package: 

  • BTS reel for your social media platforms
  • concert recap video
    highlighting your show
Mother Mother in Amsterdam, Concertphoto


  • Multiple videos
  • On-site band photoshoot
  • Day-long social media management
  • Instagram stories throughout the concert

Delivery Schedule:

PHOTOS: Key highlights will be available within one hour after the concert concludes, with the remaining photos delivered by the following day at the latest.

VIDEOS: Generally delivered by the following day.

BAND PHOTOSHOOT: Completed and delivered as promptly as possible.