let's put flitas* in the spotlight 

the Flinta* project is a photography project that I launched on March 8, 2024 on the occasion of the Feminist Fight Day.  


I want to show and honor the diversity of Flinta* personalities in the music scene. Especially at a time when discussions about Flinta* participation and discrimination are at their peak, I want to show that there are great Flinta* personalities in every field who should also be booked and get more attention.

What would I like to do? 

I would like to accompany you for at least one day with the camera in almost everything you do, just let me be part of your everyday life on tour. 

Whether you're hanging out backstage waiting for your show, taking a little city trip, songwriting in the studio or recording, or of course during the show. 

Do I get the photos as well? 

Yes, if you want to have the photos as well, that is of course possible. 
You will receive the photos from me 24 hours later at the latest. 
If you wish, you can also decide which photos are used and which are not. 

When and where?

Let me know, I'm always happy to be there!
if travel + accommodation is taken care of, then also worldwide.


 Are you a Flinta* or do you work with a Flinta* personality who would like to support? Then get in touch with me asap.